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An impressive 4,949 people (71 per cent female and 29 per cent male) responded to a recent City of Greater Bendigo’s online waste survey held late 2017.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • 69.78% said their recycling bin was three quarters to full each fortnight

  • 33.59% said their general waste bin was three quarters to full each week while 18.99% said theirs was empty to quarter full each week

  • 41.46% said they needed to place recycling into their general waste bin because their recycling bin is full and of these people over 50% said this happens most fortnights

  • 54.51% said if only one bin could be collected on a weekly basis they would choose their general waste bin while 30.75% said their recycling bin and 14.7% said their organics bin

  • 77.95% said they wanted a hard waste collection and of these 45.65% said they wanted a blanket service paid for by all ratepayers while 42.97% said they wanted a user pays service

  • 94.67% said they understood what should and should not be placed in each bin however 56.72%said they felt the community don’t understand what they should or shouldn’t place in each bin.

    City of Greater Bendigo Resource Recovery and Education Manager Brooke Pearce said the survey has helped to inform the City’s Waste Management Services Review and has provided some valuable and important information to help Council to continue to improve waste management services into the future.

    “Waste collection and disposal affects the entire community and we were very pleased to gather the thoughts of residents from across Greater Bendigo. By undertaking the survey residents told us what frequency of waste, recycling and organics services they prefer and if they want the City to implement a hard waste collection among other things,” said Ms Pearce.

    “We are currently working on options for free green waste disposal, hard waste collections, and overflow of recycling into the general waste bin with the Council as a result of the survey findings.

    “The City has made a strong commitment to educate residents about what they can put in their waste, recycling and organics bins and it was pleasing to see that 64.74 per cent of respondents said they had noticed the City’s “Sort it out before you throw it out” ad campaign on local media.”

    The survey results can be viewed in full at

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