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Health and Wellbeing Directorate

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The Health and Wellbeing Directorate plans and delivers a broad and diverse range of community services and programs aimed at supporting people to live their lives fully and be active, safe, engaged and healthy.

The focus of the directorate is on developing policy, plans and programs in partnership with the community, delivering services, and supporting the delivery of community infrastructure projects in the following areas:

  • Active and Healthy Lifestyles, which includes health planning and promotion and the planning and delivery of recreation opportunities.
  • Community Partnerships, which focuses on planning and capacity building for the community.
  • Community Wellbeing, which includes the planning and delivery of policy, programs and services for children, families and older adults.
  • Safe and Healthy Environment, which includes working with the community in the areas of food and tobacco regulation, public health, planning, and building regulation, local laws, parking and animal control.

Our business units

Community Partnerships

This unit has a community engagement and capacity-building focus. The unit supports cultural and ethnic diversity, promotes community safety, and organises a range of accessible and inclusive community events. This unit also manages the annual Community Grants program and provides skill development and engagement opportunities for young people. Other responsibilities include emergency management and promoting and supporting disability access and inclusion. The unit’s staff collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders including reference groups, community groups and other service providers.

Community Wellbeing

The Community Wellbeing Unit delivers integrated policy, planning, programs, services and infrastructure improvement for children, young people and older adults living across the City with the primary aim of improving their health and wellbeing. These initiatives are delivered utilising funding from clients, Council, the Commonwealth and/or State government. 

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Active and Healthy Communities

The Active and Healthy Lifestyles Unit delivers integrated policy, planning, programs and infrastructure that support the community by making healthy choices easier choices. Areas of focus include:

  • Physical activity.
  • Healthy eating.
  • Smoking cessation.
  • Minimising harm from drugs and alcohol.

All initiatives include the application of an equity lens to ensure engagement from all members of the community despite their age, gender, cultural background or ability.

These initiatives are delivered utilising funding from Council, the community, the Commonwealth and/or State government. 

The Unit also takes a leadership role in the provision of social planning support for the wider organisation as well as acting as the client for the upgrade and development of recreation infrastructure.

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Safe and Healthy Environments

The Safe and Healthy Environments Unit delivers integrated regulation, policy, planning and programs that seek to protect and improve public health and safety by working in partnership with the community.  Areas of focus include:

  • Food safety and tobacco control.
  • Wastewater management.
  • Civic behaviour and use of public spaces.
  • Building regulation.
  • Parking and responsible pet ownership.
  • School crossing support.

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