Presentation and Assets Directorate

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The Presentation and Assets Directorate focuses on delivering a clean and well presented, functioning municipality. It includes all aspects of the city’s built and natural environment, infrastructure and waste management. The Directorate is responsible for:

  • Asset planning and engineering, urban and landscape design
  • Constructing and maintaining roads, footpaths and drainage systems
  • Development, protection and maintenance of parks and the natural environment areas under the City’s jurisdiction
  • Management of waste and recycling collection, landfill sites, transfer stations and street cleaning
  • Planning, designing and delivering infrastructure, including Council owned buildings
  • Management of significant infrastructure projects
  • Management of City facilities, maintenance and property transactions including purchases/sales and leases/licences


The Engineering and Public Space unit manages the planning and delivery of a range of infrastructure including roads, parks, open spaces, bridges, drainage and urban developments. The unit develops a capital works programs for civil and public space infrastructure. It manages mapping services, asset management and develops and maintains detailed designs for infrastructure across Greater Bendigo.

Property Services

The Property Services unit is responsible for managing the City’s property portfolio of approximately 1400 buildings and structures valued at in excess of $400M. The unit undertakes ongoing property audit inspections to determine usage and condition of building facilities to better identify and plan renewal and upgrade packages as well as supporting new construction proposals and submissions. The unit is responsible for the implementation of programmed maintenance schedules including contracts for supply of services such as cleaning services, essential safety measures and the completion of urgent and immediate maintenance works.The unit delivers a significant portion of the Council’s annual Capital Works program for the construction of new buildings and the delivery of programmed upgrade and renewal works to existing building assets.

The Property Services unit is also responsible for all land/property sales and acquisitions including disposal to ensure compliance, good governance and supporting the Council’s strategic requirements. All land disposal and purchases are managed through the unit including conveyancing and supporting tasks. The unit also administers agreements for land and building use including leases, licences and other community agreements such as MOUs and user agreements.

Resource Recovery and Education

The Resource Recovery and Education unit sits within the Presentation and Assets Directorate and plays a key role in the presentation of the City and the provision of waste related services. The unit is responsible for city cleaning, garbage collection, recycling collection and processing, urban drainage clearance, operation of transfer stations and landfill operations.

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The Works unit is responsible for the construction of new and renewal projects and maintenance of civil infrastructure by the City of Greater Bendigo. The civil construction and maintenance program is delivered by the Works unit and supports the construction of the City's civil infrastructure including roads, bridges, drains and footpaths. The unit is key in the delivering of high quality customer focused works and services that are efficient, innovative and responsive to community needs.

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Parks and Open Space

This unit manages a large portfolio of parks, gardens, reserves, sports fields and areas of open space. It also develops place-based master plans for public open space sites. With a diverse range of assets, the unit requires a skilled and committed team that has the ability to implement a range of specialised park, horticultural and environmental management techniques and practices. The unit aims to manage these assets sustainably.

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