Bendigo Airport Redevelopment Project

Project Update

Stage Two of the Bendigo Airport redevelopment is ready for take off.

The Council has awarded BMD Constructions Pty Ltd with the $12.489M Bendigo Airport tender to deliver a new 1,600m ‘Class 3C’ runway and associated taxiway, lighting, signage and fencing infrastructure.

Aircraft carrying up to 70 passengers will be able to land on the new runway. The redevelopment will also secure significant employment, emergency services and economic output opportunities for the region. It is expected the $15M Stage Two works will be complete by March 2017.


The redevelopment is being delivered over three stages.

Stage One was completed in 2014, including 25 new aviation hangar sites, three new taxiways, improved road access and the installation of critical drainage infrastructure.

Stage Three focuses on the construction of a contemporary business park to allow for existing businesses to expand and new businesses to be established.

Bendigo Airport redevelopment funding distribution

 Stage One

  • $300,000 Victorian State Government (Regional Aviation Fund)
  • $120,000 City of Greater Bendigo

Stage Two

  • $4.7M Victorian State Government (Regional Aviation Fund)
  • $5M City of Greater Bendigo
  • $5M Australian Government (National Stronger Regions Fund)

Stage Three

  • $1M City of Greater Bendigo - Pending
  • $4.8M Victorian State Government - Pending

A bird's eye view

The redevelopment project is progressing well. As you can see from the photos below, the runway is starting to take shape.

 February 2016

April 2016
May 2016

July 2016 

GOR_1424_website.jpg GOR_1497_website.jpg

A water wise airport

A $966,985 State Government grant has allowed the City to complete a major water recycling project at the airport, which has involved the development of a 25,000kL water storage dam, installation of a floating wetland, mechanical water treatment plant and a reticulated third pipe irrigation system.

The project is an example of best practice water use, enhancing the drainage works required as part of the airport redevelopment, ensuring greater protection of the runway from inclement weather and limiting the amount of pollutants downstream of the airport.

The aim is to reduce the airport’s reliance on potable water by some 49,500kL annually as a result of the project.



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