Bendigo Airport


Bendigo Airport is a CASA-registered airport and owned and operated by the City of Greater Bendigo.

Bendigo Airport currently has 36hangars on site as well as Bendigo Aviation Services, Bendigo Flying Club, My Jet, Air Ambulance Victoria Helicopter, Emergency Medical Services and HEMS3.

The Department of Environment Land Water and Planning bases its fire fighting operations at Bendigo. Located in Victoria's geographic centre, Bendigo Airport is a prime location for aircraft operations in fire suppression, flood response and emergency management across north central Victoria and beyond.

More information is available on the DELWP website.

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A water wise airport

A $966,985 State Government grant has allowed the City to complete a major water recycling project at the airport, which has involved the development of a 25,000kL water storage dam, installation of a floating wetland, mechanical water treatment plant and a reticulated third pipe irrigation system.

The project is an example of best practice water use, enhancing the drainage works required as part of the airport redevelopment, ensuring greater protection of the runway from inclement weather and limiting the amount of pollutants downstream of the airport.

The aim is to reduce the airport’s reliance on potable water by some 49,500kL annually as a result of the project.