Apply for an organics collection exemption

Man with compost in hand and shovel

If you can demonstrate that you already manage all organic material effectively on the property, you may be granted an exemption from the City’s organic collection service.

You must be able to demonstrate how you are managing all leftover cooked and uncooked food, and garden waste including:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps including citrus
  • Bread rice and cereal
  • Bones, meat, poultry and seafood
  • Paper towel and tissue
  • Weeds, leaves, prunings, grass clippings and branches

Management systems that are accepted include composting, worm farm, mulching machinery, household animals, or using a private contractor/gardener.

If your application can be processed an officer from the City of Greater Bendigo will be in contact with you within 10 working days to arrange an onsite visit. (Not applicable to properties over 1 hectare). 

If your property is over 1 hectare or 2 1/2 acres you are required to submit photos to support your application.

To request an exemption: 

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