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The City’s drainage assets include more than 42,000 drainage pits and 940kms of pipes and culverts without taking into account the natural waterways. We aim to maintain and improve the level of service of our assets; however, due to the large amount of assets we encourage the community to assist us identify issues that require our attention.

If you are concerned about the stormwater drainage system in any area or find a pit or drain that needs inspection or maintenance you can lodge a request for our staff to investigate and program the required treatment of the issue.

Please note house gutters, downpipes, buried pipes from your property to the street or to the pit at the rear of your allotment and any other private drainage structures such as grated trenches and pits within private property are the responsibility of the property owner (view the stormwater drainage responsibilities diagram). For more information visit our stormwater and drainage page.

All property owners have legal obligations to capture, collect and dispose stormwater from all hard surfaces so as not to cause nuisance to adjoining properties. Problems with overland stormwater flow between neighbouring properties are a civil matter and the City has no legislative powers to intervene. We recommend speaking to your neighbour first. If the flows are from a natural surface runoff or new or modified developments please contact us to investigate. For more information visit our stormwater and drainage page

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