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Appealing your fine

If you have been issued with an infringement by the City of Greater Bendigo and believe you have a valid reason for it to be withdrawn, you have the right to appeal the fine once. This is known as applying for an internal review.

Infringements cannot be cancelled unless you apply for an internal review. All internal review applications and correspondence must be in writing, you cannot request an internal review over the phone or in person.

Please note: 

  • The Mayor and Councillors can't be involved in the internal review process and are unable to respond to letters/enquiries regarding fines. All correspondence regarding internal reviews must be directed to the Review Officer

  • You are only entitled to one internal review for each infringement in Victoria. Applications for additional reviews may not be accepted. To ensure the City can provide full consideration to your review, please ensure you provide all the relevant details and evidence to support your application on the first occasion

  • Applying for an internal review for someone else. We can't accept applications for an internal review from someone other than who the fine was issued to, unless we have their permission. If you are applying for someone else please complete the Third Party Consent Form and provide a copy along with your application for internal review

  • You will be notified in writing of the outcome of the internal review. If you have not received a written response and you would like to check that your application for internal review has been received please contact the City of Greater Bendigo on 03 5434 6000

  • Infringements that have been referred to Fines Victoria or the Magistrates' Court can't be subject to an internal review by the City of Greater Bendigo. Further information regarding infringements, the fine's lifecycle, who is involved and your rights and responsibilities is available from Fines Victoria, which is the Victorian Government administrative body for infringements

Applying for an internal review

You are required to supply specific information before the City of Greater Bendigo can conduct an internal review. To ensure you provide all the information required, please fill in the City's Application for Internal Review form. Applications that don't provide all of the information required in this form may not be accepted.

Complete an application for Internal Review.

Legal assistance

The following services are available if you require legal assistance:

Pay your fine here

If you don't act on your infringement before the due date on the infringement, your infringement will continue through the Fines Lifecycle with more costs added at each step. Failing to deal with your fine before each step can also reduce the options available for you to deal with your fine.  

If you leave your infringement for too long it may result in an enforcement warrant being issued against you. This could lead to the following action by a Sheriff's Officer:

  • Wheel clamping your vehicle 
  • Coming to your home and demanding payment
  • Stopping you at a police road block
  • Taking your personal property and selling it at a public auction
  • Removing the number plates from your vehicle
  • Arresting you

You can no longer apply for an internal review with the City of Greater Bendigo. The due date on the infringement notice and reminder notice have both expired, the fine now sits with Fines Victoria, you should contact them regarding your options.

As you are only entitled to one internal review per infringement you can't apply for more reviews after it has been completed and you have received your response.

However if you have information you have not previously provided, or a situation you have not advised us of, the City of Greater Bendigo may give further consideration based on these circumstances. Please be aware that writing to tell us the same information again will not result in a different outcome.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your internal review and would like to take the matter further, you may choose to have the matter heard and determined in court by Magistrate. If you would like to have the matter heard in court we only require advice of this in writing, we will then have the matter listed for hearing.

You can apply for a payment plan or an extension of time by calling the City of Greater Bendigo on (03)54346000

If you are experiencing acute financial hardship such as being homeless or at risk of homelessness you may wish to apply for internal review based on your current circumstances.To provide consideration based on your financial situation we require confirmation of your acute financial hardship from an agency providing you with financial counselling, support or homelessness services. This confirmation must be in the form of a letter on agency letterhead from:

  • A welfare agency or;
  • A Financial Counselor or;
  • Case worker or;
  • Case manager or;
  • Centrelink

If you require additional time to obtain information to support your application, or would like to discuss your options, please call the City of Greater Bendigo on 54346000 for assistance.

Further information regarding your options is available from Fines Victoria


If you would like to discus your options or the details of your fine you can call the City of Greater Bendigo on (03) 54306000. However as all internal review correspondence must be in writing, information discussed in person or over the phone can not be taken into consideration in an internal review.

Your phone conversation will not result in the infringement being withdrawn. 

Printable version of the application for internal review is also available.

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