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Rates are calculated by multiplying the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of the property by the relevant rate in the dollar. Find out more about property valuations.

The 2022-2023 rates in the dollar are:

  • General Rate - $0.00284099
  • Vacant Land - $0.00355124
  • Commercial/Industrial A - (Urban Bendigo, Maiden Gully & Strathfieldsaye) $0.00525588
  • Commercial/Industrial B - (Rural Areas) $0.00511379
  • Commercial/Industrial C - (Bendigo CBD) $0.00539789
  • Farm Land - $0.00213075

Charges and levies included in your rates notice

The following are the charges listed in the annual rates statement of a residential property with a CIV of $360,000 in the organic waste collection area.

  • Annual charge: $360,000 @ $0.00284099 cents in the dollar = $1,022.75
  • Garbage charge 140-litre bin: $197.00
  • Recycling charge: $107.45
  • Organics charge: $95.90
  • Fire Services Property Levy: $117.00

Total rates for full year: $1,540.10

Note: The annual charge for a 240-litre bin in the organic waste collection area is $361.00. The annual charge outside the organic waste collection area is $391.00

Valuations – what do they mean

The three valuations shown are:

  • Site Value (SV) is the market value of the land only
  • Capital Improved Value (CIV) is the total market value of the land plus buildings and other improvements
  • Net Annual Value (NAV) is either 5 per cent of the CIV or the current value of a property's net annual rental. For example, Residential properties are 5% and Commercial/Industrial properties are gross annual rental less outgoings including insurances, land tax and maintenance costs

Objecting to your rates

If you disagree with the valuations appearing on your rates notice, you may object within 2 months of the Date of Issue on the rate notice.

More details about objecting are on the back of the rate notice or can be found here

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