We encourage responsible ownership of animals - find out what your obligations and responsibilities are as a pet and animal owner.

Pet registration

Microchipping and registering pets greatly improves their chances of being returned to you if they become lost. Find out about animal registration.

Dog and cat laws

Your pets must not wander, threaten others or create a nuisance. Find out about dog and cat fines, local laws governing cat curfews, barking dogs, dangerous breeds, and dog safety for children.

Keeping animals and poultry

Find out about restrictions and requirements for keeping birds and animals, including maximum numbers, fencing and management.

Lost and found animals

Dogs and cats that are caught wandering around are held for up to 8 days at the Bendigo Animal Relief Centre (BARC).

Reporting wandering, injured or dead animals

How to report a dead, injured or wandering domestic or native animal or livestock on a road.

Domestic animal businesses

Pet shops, animal shelters, dog training, cat and dog breeding or boarding businesses must hold a Domestic Animal Business permit.

Contact us

For more information about pets and animals please contact Animal Management Services on 1300 002 642 or [email protected]


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