Dog and cat fines

Dog and Kitten in Grass

If your dog or cat is found straying, unregistered, out of control or being a nuisance in public, you may be issued with a fine. 

What to do when you receive an infringement notice

Options available to you include:

Failure to pay a fine

If you fail to pay your infringement or contact us before the due date on the infringement notice we will send you a reminder notice and an additional charge will be added to the infringement.

Contesting an animal fine

If you believe that you have a good reason for not paying the fine you may apply for an internal review.

Please do not pay your fine while you are waiting for the outcome of your review. Responses are generally sent out within 28 days of receiving an application for a review, but can take up to 90 days.  

If you have been waiting longer than 28 days for a response please contact us on 1300 002 642.

Reasons that are not valid for appeal

The following reasons will not be accepted as valid for appeal of an animal fine:

  • Forgot to register my cat or dog
  • Didn't realise I had to register my cat or dog
  • Thought if my cat or dog was microchipped, it was registered
  • Somebody let my dog out of the yard
  • Didn't realise there was a cat curfew
  • Didn't realise there were areas where dogs were required to be on a lead
  • Was unaware that I had to carry a bag to pick up and remove my dogs droppings in any public place

Contact us

For more information about paying or contesting a fine please contact us on 1300 002 642.