Dog safety for children

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The ‘Be Safe Around Dogs’ program aims to educate children on how to behave safely around dogs to reduce the likelihood of dogs biting children. Even if children do not have a dog at home, it is still important for them to learn how to be safe around dogs.

Dog bites to children in Victoria

In 2013/14, 836 Victorians were hospitalised because they were bitten or struck by a dog. In addition, more than 1,855 Victorians were treated in emergency departments.

Victoria Injury Surveillance Unit data indicates that children, especially those under five years old, are significantly more likely to be hospitalised for dog bites than the adult population.

Teaching children about approaching dogs

The number one rule for kids is “do not go near a dog unsupervised”. It is also important that children learn how to approach a dog correctly and what to do if an angry or aggressive dog approaches them.  

The program provides educational material to teach children the skills and behaviours they need to be safe around dogs.

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