Domestic animal businesses

Border Collie Standing Against Red Wall

The following types of businesses must be registered with the City and hold a current Domestic Animal Business permit.

  • Pet shops
  • Boarding premises for cats and dogs
  • Dog training establishments
  • Animal shelters
  • Breeding and rearing premises for cats and dogs

All Domestic Animal Businesses must be registered annually. The cost of registration is subject to annual change.

Our officers will inspect premises annually to ensure compliance with the Domestic Animals Act and the requirements of the code of practice that is relevant to that type of business.

Domestic Animal Business – what is it?

You are a breeding Domestic Animal Business if you breed cats and dogs to sell (whether a profit is made or not) and you have three or more fertile female cats or dogs and you are not a member of an applicable organisation

If you are a member of an applicable organisation, you are exempt from registering as a breeding Domestic Animal Business if you have less than 10 fertile female cats and dogs AND no more than two are not registered with an applicable organisation.

Apply for a Domestic Animal Business Permit

To apply for a permit, download and complete the Domestic Animal Business permit application form. Then you can:

  • Mail it to the City’s Animal Management Services PO Box 733, Bendigo, 3552
  • Deliver it in person to our Bendigo or Heathcote office.

Contact us

For further information you can contact Animal Management Services on 1300 002 642.