Lost and found animals

A photo of an animal services ranger with a dog at Lake Weeroona

Dogs and cats that are caught wandering around or lost are taken to the Bendigo Animal Relief Centre (BARC).  

Animals that are picked up are held there for 8 days. If their owner comes forward within that 8-day period, they will be required to pay a release fee. Only dogs or cats that are registered can be released from the pound. Go to pet registration

Any dog or cat that is impounded and is not claimed within the 8-day time period becomes the property of Council and may be sold or euthanized in accordance with the relevant Code of Practice.  


20 Pipers Lane, East Bendigo.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday 10am–4pm
Sunday 10am–12noon

Closed on public holidays.

Contact us

For more information please contact the Bendigo Animal Relief Centre (BARC) on 03 5441 2209.