Pet registration fees

Vizsla Puppy in Yard

These fees are valid from January 2, 2021. 

All dogs and cats from three months of age must be registered (and microchipped if being registered for the first time). Go to pet registration

If your pet is unregistered you may get a fine. Go to dog and cat fines.

Cat registration fees

  • Desexed: $37.75 ($18.85 concession) 
  • 10+ years old: $37.75 ($18.85 concession)
  • Kept for breeding by domestic animal business on registered premises: $37.75 ($18.85 concession) 
  • Registered with the applicable organisation: $37.75 ($18.85 concession) 
  • All other cats: $113.25 ($56.55 concession) 

Dog registration fees

  • Desexed: $45.90 ($22.95 concession) 
  • 10+ years old: $45.90 ($22.95 concession) 
  • Dogs kept for breeding by the proprieter of a domestic animal business conducted on registered premises: $45.90 ($22.95 concession) 
  • Dogs registered with an applicable organisation, if their owners are members of the applicable organisation with which the dogs are registered: $45.90 ($22.95 concession) 
  • Dogs that have completed obedience training which complies with regulations: $45.90 ($22.95 concession) 
  • Dogs kept by a primary producer on a rural property for working stock: $45.90 ($22.95 concession) 
  • Declared dangerous, Restricted Breed or Menacing Dog $137.70
  • All other dogs: $137.70 ($68.85 concession) 

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