Busking and street performance permits

Musicians in Front of Green House

The City supports the activity and interest added to a public place by buskers, artists and street performers.

Such activities must not cause nuisance, obstruct or endanger the public and must not offer third-party goods for sale, solicit donations, or promote a religious or political position.

To busk or perform in a public place in Bendigo you must have a permit.

Busking in Hargreaves Mall

If you want to busk in the Hargreaves Mall, apply for a permit (your parents/guardian must complete it on your behalf if you are under 18) and a copy will be given to you. It means you can busk in the Mall free of charge for 2 months, then you need to renew your permit.

Busking elsewhere in Bendigo

Anywhere outside the Hargreaves Mall you need to apply through our Local Laws Unit.

Complete the Busking Permit Application Form

Email it to [email protected] or send to:

City of Greater Bendigo,
PO Box 733 Bendigo VIC 3552

Contact us

For more information please contact Local Laws on 1300 002 642.

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