Tourism and Major event sponsorship request

Bendigo Spirits Basketball Game at Stadium

The Tourism and Major Events unit strives to stimulate the development of events that deliver social and economic benefits for the Bendigo region. This is in the high yield areas of arts and culture, sport and leisure, food and wine, agriculture, business events and car club shows. We also aim to promote Bendigo outside the region to encourage visitation.

One of the ways in which we support this is to improve and develop  major hallmark and developing events. To be considered for possible support please read the Events support information before completing the below form. Once you have read these two categories please indicate yes to each question to proceed with application. You may wish to view Tourism co-op marketing opportunities-contact us for details.

Please note that applying/receiving funding from other City of Greater Bendigo offers and initiatives negates this Sponsorship Request consideration. 

I have read the Major Events support information and understand the terms. My event is in accordance with these terms.*
I have read and understand I am responsible for the protecting people in crowded spaces Federal and State police safety requirements (e.g. heavy vehicle bollards and barriers)*

Tell us about the event

Type of event (Does not include fundraising events)*

Event requirements

If your application is successful your accommodation is to be booked through the Bendigo Visitor Centre via free call 1800 number/website.
Upload your Event Plan including safety and Risk Assessment
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Are you applying or have you been successful for other funding including City of Greater Bendigo funding?*
Note: Ineligibility for funding - any group already receiving other financial support from the City of Greater Bendigo where their Funding and Service Agreement (FSA) precludes access to other City of Greater Bendigo funding.

If your request for support/sponsorship is approved you may need to provide:

  • Public Liability Insurance cover (minimum $10M)
  • Certificate of a legal entity (incorporated)

You may also be required to provide or obtain permits for consumption of alcohol, food permit, and/or activities in a public place.

Your proposed event budget

Please provide details below or attach your budget document.

Event budget
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Income must balance with expenditure.

Contact us

For information about Tourism and Major Events please contact us on phone 1300 002 642.