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Bendigo Airport is a CASA-Certified airport and is owned and operated by the City of Greater Bendigo.

Bendigo Airport provides connectivity, employment and emergency service to our community. It offers a range of commercial and light aircraft operations including emergency services, flight training and recreational, corporate and charter operations.


Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Qantas flights will cease from Saturday March 31 until further notice.  

Flights are now operating daily between Bendigo BXG and Sydney SYD airports.

Please see below links for your assistance.

For all scheduling please visit the Qantas timetables website or contact 13 13 13 for the most up to date information.

For all bookings or pricing information please visit the Qantas booking website or contact 13 13 13.

For all check-in information please visit the Qantas check-in website or contact 13 13 13. Bendigo Airport recommends that you arrive at the terminal 1 hour prior to your scheduled departure. QantasLink have strict processes with respect to late arriving passengers with at present a firm 30 minute cut-off prior to scheduled departure, to maintain operations.

For all enquiries for delayed, lost or damaged baggage, please visit the Qantas baggage services website or contact 13 13 13.

QantasFreight now offers a freight service, complete with pet services, both accompanied or un-accompanied. For more information please visit the QantasFreight website or contact 13 12 13.

Disabled services are available at the airport including wheelchair access and loading onto the aircraft if required.

There is no on-site ticket sales at Bendigo Airport or Customer Service desk available, ground handling crew are on-site to assist in arrivals and departures only. For all information in relation to the Qantas flight service please refer to Qantas website or their 24/7 Customer Service call centre on 13 13 13. 

On-Site parking

On-site parking is now available for all visitors. A parking meter is located on-site to process payment, as a pay and display, which can process multiple days. Parking in excess of 2 hours must be paid using Credit/Debit Card only and is chargeable at $6.50 per day, 7 days a week to a maximum of 10 days. For all stays in excess of 10 days, please consult Bendigo Airport staff in the terminal, if you are ticketed for 10 days, subsequent consecutive stays will be complimentary on approval from Bendigo Airport staff.

There is no availability to pre-book parking. Parking fee can only be paid for via the parking meter located in the car park at present.

Missed your return flight or changed your return booking and worried about Parking Fines? Don't be - just be sure to contact us with your details and we will make appropriate arrangements for you. If you are returning on a flight service that has been cancelled, please contact us during business hours to discuss arrangements.


Currently there are no public modes of transport operating to or from Bendigo Airport. For arriving passengers the crew will ask for any Taxi bookings required on the inbound flight and arrange for pick-up from the terminal.


An experienced local baristai runs a small café on-site at Bendigo Airport opening prior to all scheduled Qantas departing flights. Your choice of quality barista made coffee, tea and light refreshments available. 

Bendigo Airport advertising opportunities

Promote your business to passengers as they wait. 

Reach new customers by advertising your products and services within the Bendigo Airport terminal building. More than 2,000 people visit Bendigo Airport each month. Passengers spend an average of 45 minutes in the airport before boarding a flight, which provides a captive audience for your message. For more information and terms and conditions, download the Bendigo Airport Advertising Prospectus.

Pilot Training

Bendigo Airport is home to a number of recreational Pilot Training providers with facilities available on-site, enquiries can be made at Bendigo Flying Club, Sarge's Light Sport Aviation, Comfly & SOAR Aviation as local providers.

RMIT have recently announced a commercial Pilot Training academy on-site at Bendigo Airport, to commence in Q3 of 2019. For more information, please refer to the RMIT website, or attend their open day on Sunday May 19th for more information.

Airport redevelopment

Stage two of the Bendigo Airport redevelopment project is complete. Find out about the Bendigo Airport Redevelopment Project.

Facility details for pilots

For facility details including location, fuel facilities, navigation landing aids, runways, taxiways and traffic regulations go to Facility Details.

Doing business with us

Go to Bendigo Airport Business to find out who is operating out of the Bendigo Airport and to find out how to apply for a site.

Drone safety

The rapid increase in drone operations in the vicinity of airports is a concern for airport and aircraft operators across the country. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has recently introduced new rules to better protect people and aircraft from drone operations. The new rules focus on the operation of recreational drones and restrict their use in the vicinity of airports, places of assembly, near people and emergency operations.

Additionally, commercial drone operators should be aware of restricted and no-fly areas around Bendigo. The City of Greater Bendigo encourages drone operators to familiarise themselves with the new safety rules which are available at CASA’s new drone website:

CASA also has an app, 'Can I Fly There', which is available to download for free. 

For further information, please visit CASA's website

Contact us

For more information contact the Airport Manager (business hours only) on:

03 5434 6078

or [email protected]

or ARO on 0499 700 128 

The ARO phone is diverted to the Airport Manager phone during the day


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