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Crane installation in Bendigo Airport protected areas

Bendigo Airport has made it easier for you to notify us of any crane installation or erection that may breach the Bendigo Airport obstacle limitation surface.

There's a minimum height that aircraft can travel:

  • 500ft (150m above ground level) in regional areas
  • 1,000ft (300m) above ground level in built-up areas

This minimum height requirement generally means that cranes do not threaten aircraft. However, this changes significantly when aircraft are operating to or from an aerodrome, with aircraft take-off and approaches extending out for many kilometres.

It is a federal offence to erect a crane and breach the aerodrome obstacle limitation surface without providing sufficient notice to Bendigo Aerodrome. More information on this can be found at:

The infringement can attract a fine of 250 penalty units – currently $222 per unit – resulting in a potential infringement of $55,500. This is in addition to other potential Work Safe Victoria breaches, including potential criminal charges under Victorian workplace manslaughter legislation, in the event of an accident.

By providing information, you allow us to better inform pilots operating to and from the Bendigo Aerodrome via a NOTAM (Notices to Airmen). Working together, we can provide information to pilots or take further measures where required such as a temporary closure of a runway. We also cover our legislative requirements to advise pilots of temporary obstacles and/or take necessary steps to ensure safe operation wherever possible.

When do I need to notify Bendigo Airport?

If operating within a 6km radius of Bendigo Airport, you must notify us of any plans to erect a Crane unless you meet any of the below criteria.

  • The erected Crane is below 4m AGL and not within or directly near the aerodrome boundary.
  • The erected Crane is below the height of nearby existing structures or vegetation/terrain (nearby structures must be within 20m of Crane).
  • The erected Crane is less than 45m AGL max height and is greater than 4km radius from the Aerodrome boundaries (see below map for buffer zones).
  • The erected Crane is more than 6km radius from Bendigo Airport.

The 4km radius is the most important area and within that, areas that align with our Runways, such as East Bendigo Industrial Estate are by far the most critical.

Bendigo Airport Boundary Map shows examples of the 4km & 6km radius from the boundary fence.

If in doubt, ask us! We're happy to investigate and decide whether a NOTAM needs to be issued. We'll also let you know the outcome so that you can plan better for the future.

How do I notify Bendigo Airport?

Submit the Bendigo Airport Crane Form

An email will be forwarded to our aerodrome staff advising them of your plans. We'll assess the requirements and raise a NOTAM. We'll confirm via email once processed. Note this may take up to 48 hours, so please ensure that you provide at least two business days to process wherever possible.

We understand that things that don’t always go to plan and emergencies happen. If you're unable to allow 48 hours notice, please contact our 24hr on-call emergency ARO hotline on 0499 700 128. This phone number should only be used in emergencies.

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