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Conditions of use

The Bendigo Airport Conditions of use govern the way in which you use the Bendigo Airport and any services at the Airport.  When you land, operate or use services at Bendigo Airport you accept these terms and conditions.

Pilot training

Bendigo Airport is home to a number of recreational Pilot Training providers with facilities available on-site, enquiries can be made at Bendigo Flying Club, Sarge's Light Sport Aviation, Comfly & SOAR Aviation as local providers.

RMIT has a commercial pilot training academy on-site at Bendigo Airport.

For more information, please refer to the RMIT website,

Drone safety

The rapid increase in drone operations in the vicinity of airports is a concern for airport and aircraft operators across the country. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has recently introduced new rules to better protect people and aircraft from drone operations. The new rules focus on the operation of recreational drones and restrict their use in the vicinity of airports, places of assembly, near people and emergency operations.

Additionally, commercial drone operators should be aware of restricted and no-fly areas around Bendigo. The City of Greater Bendigo encourages drone operators to familiarise themselves with the new safety rules which are available at CASA’s new drone website:

CASA also has an app, 'Can I Fly There', which is available to download for free. 

For further information, please visit CASA's website


The airport is located approximately 4 kilometres from Bendigo's central business district.

Aeronautical Information YBDG

  • Latitude: 36 44.22 S
  • Longitude: 144 19.47 E
  • Variation: 11 DEG East
  • Elevation Above Sea Level: 710 ft
  • Reference: World Aeronautical Chart: WAC 3469, 3470
  • ICAO Code: YBDG
  • IATA Code: BXG

Fuel facilities

AVGAS and JetA1 available. 

Skyfuel – Avgas 100 LL (F-18) and Jet A-1 (F-35) - 24 hour self-serve bowsers. Visa Card, Mastercard or Skyfuel Card. 

Site Contacts – 1)  0418 862 100  2) 0431 712 218  

For more information visit

Navigation landing aids

  • RNAV (GNSS) Runway 17 and Runway 35
  • Runway 17/35 Pilot Activated Lighting (PAL) 119.3
  • Three illuminated wind indicators 
  • AWIS phone 03 9280 5643 and 128.15

Local traffic regulations

Current local traffic regulations for Bendigo Airport are:

  • Right hand circuits Runway 35 when in use.
  • Circuit training not permitted between 10pm and 7am local time.

Runway 17/35

  • A bitumen code 3 runway 1,600 metres long and 30 metres wide.
  • Users requiring pavement concession should contact the Airport Manager on 03 5434 6078, 0417 448 328 or [email protected]

Runway 05/23

  • A partially paved runway of 767 metres long and 18 metres wide
  • Subject to restrictions/closures during wet periods

Taxiway apron

Sealed apron immediately west of runway 17/35 is available for tie down and short term parking. The area directly in front of the terminal building is for charter and ambulance aircraft.

Long term parking is available north of the main apron, follow MAGS.


Currently no designated landing point is provided for helicopters. 

Contact us

For more information contact the Airport Manager on:

03 5434 6078 / 0417 448 328

or [email protected] 


View Bendigo weather on WeatherZone or phone 03 9280 5643 (24-hour service).

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