Bendigo Airport redevelopment project

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Jet at Bendigo Airport

The Bendigo Airport redevelopment project has delivered improved infrastructure and expanded capacity. It has brought the facility up to the standard of an airport of comparable size and regional importance. 

The project delivered: 

  • An increase in hangar development and airport amenities (stage one, complete 
  • A new 1,600 metre x 30 metre runway for emergency service providers and aviation transport services (stage two, complete) 
  • Construction of a contemporary business park to accommodate opportunities for existing business expansion and new business establishment (stage three, to be completed)


Stage two of the project directly employed 119 local people through a range of sub-contract roles, including earthmoving equipment, earthworks, fencing, crushed rock and resealing works.


Funding distribution for the Bendigo Airport redevelopment project

Stage one: 

  • $300,000 Victorian State Government (Regional Aviation Fund) 
  • $120,000 City of Greater Bendigo. 

Stage two: 

  • $4.7M Victorian State Government (Regional Aviation Fund) 
  • $5M City of Greater Bendigo 
  • $5M Australian Government (National Stronger Regions Fund). 


A water wise airport

In 2014, a $966,985 State Government grant allowed the City to complete a major water recycling project at Bendigo Airport. This included the development of a 25,000kL water storage dam, installation of a floating wetland, mechanical water treatment plant and a reticulated third pipe irrigation system. 

The project is an example of best practice water use, enhancing the drainage works required as part of the airport redevelopment, ensuring greater protection of the runway from inclement weather and limiting the amount of pollutants downstream of the airport. 

The aim is to reduce the airport’s reliance on potable water by some 49,500kL annually as a result of the project. 


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