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You will require a building permit before undertaking almost any building or demolition work. A building permit confirms that a building surveyor has approved your plans and documentation before your project begins. 

After the work is completed, your surveyor will return to check that work is completed according to the application and plans, and that it is compliant with the applicable building and safety standards.

If you are planning to demolish, extend or build, you need to understand your responsibilities. We will work with you to ensure your work is compliant and that it meets safety and building standards, protects the local heritage, and doesn’t annoy your neighbours. 

Building permits and planning permits

Planning permits give permission for a land use or development and building permits deal with the work you propose to do on that land. You may be required to obtain a planning permit. If so, it must be obtained before a building permit can be issued. A planning permit does not remove the need to get a building permit. Go to Planning Permits

Asset protection permits

To protect public assets vested in Council and for the safety of persons on or near a building site, Council require the owner, builder or appointed agent to obtain an Asset Protection Permit where building work is to be carried out. For more information, go to Asset Protection.

Illegal building work

We are often made aware of building works carried out without the required permit. If building works are carried out without the required building permit, an investigation and enforcement process is implemented. 

Occupancy permits

Your building permit will state if an occupancy permit is required before you may move into the building. Occupancy permits are required for all new buildings including new homes, units or apartments. They signify that a building surveyor is satisfied that the completed building work is suitable for occupation. To find out more information about occupancy permits, visit the Victorian Building Authority website here. 

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Victorian Building Authority website: Building and planning permits

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