Building fences

Raw Wood Fence

Fencing contractors and residents who are planning to erect fences around the boundary of an allotment need to observe maximum height restrictions.

If you intend to exceed these height restrictions you will need to apply for a building permit and report and consent. Go to Building Permits.

Fence heights – no permit required

Front fence heights are determined by the type of road that the fence is facing and if it is a corner allotment. All heights should be measured vertically above natural ground level or a footpath if one is present.

Download the Guidelines for installation of boundary fencing.

Declared road frontage: fence maximum height 2.0 m

A declared road is one that is controlled and maintained by Vic Roads, they are coloured red or green in the Bendigo street directory.

Fences on street corners: fence maximum height 1.0 m

Any fence that is within 9 metres of a point of intersection of two streets can only be 1 metre high regardless of the road type. Point of intersection is where the property boundary meets the road reserve.

Side fences

Side fences within 3 metres of the front allotment boundary, which is not a corner block, cannot exceed the maximum allowable front fence height for that property allotment.

Brick or masonry fences: fence maximum height 1.2 m

Brick or masonry fences, regardless of street type, can only be constructed to a maximum height of 1.2 metres without a building permit, unless it is within 9 metres of an intersection, then the maximum height of 1 metre applies.

Contact a neighbour about fencing

To find out the name and address of an adjoining landowner for the purpose of fencing, please complete our online form.

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For more information or to find if your proposed fence requires a building permit, please contact the Building and Property Department on 03 5434 6347 between 8.30am-5pm.

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