Heritage planning

Heritage Building in Huntly

Planning works to protect the heritage significance of a place by ensuring that any proposed change is appropriate to the significance, character and appearance of the heritage place.

We can help you to understand:

  • If your land is affected by a heritage overlay
  • If you need a planning permit under the heritage overlay
  • How you can get heritage advice

How to find out if your property is in a heritage area

You can find out if your property is in a Heritage Overlay and the overlay number by creating a free Planning Property Report.

What is a heritage overlay?

A heritage overlay shows that a place or area has heritage values and helps to protect and conserve important heritage elements. The heritage overlay is standard across Victoria.

All heritage places are listed at the Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay within the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme and are given a overlay reference number. Listing these places on statutory heritage registers provides a legal framework for managing the approval of major changes so that heritage significance is retained and not diminished.

Heritage places are identified through Heritage Studies and are graded using the terms significant or contributory. 

Do you need a planning permit for work in the Heritage Overlay?

A planning permit is usually required to construct a building or to undertake works in a Heritage Overlay. This is to ensure that heritage values will be considered.

Under the heritage overlay a planning permit is generally required to:

  • Subdivide or consolidate land
  • Demolish or remove a building (including part of a building)
  • Construct a building (including part of a building, or a fence)
  • Externally alter a building
  • Construct or carry out works
  • Construct or display a sign
  • Externally paint an unpainted surface

It’s important to note that most places in the Heritage Overlay are subject to the Greater Bendigo Heritage Permit Exemptions Incorporated Plan, which exempts many minor works such as swimming pools, fences, additions and alterations from the need to obtain a planning permit if they meet specific conditions.

Heritage advice and guidelines

To understand the heritage significance of your property and your restoration and development options you can talk to our heritage advisor or read our Heritage Design Guidelines.

The Design Guidelines can help you identify what era of dwelling your house is and has detailed guidelines on how to plan your proposed works.

Applying for a planning permit

For works on properties of heritage significance, we recommend that you contact the Heritage Advisor to discuss your proposal prior to lodging a planning permit application with Council. To find out what information needs to be submitted with a planning permit application, go to planning permits.

Contact us

For more information about heritage and planning or to talk to our heritage advisor please contact us on 1300 002 642