Heritage Design Guidelines

Autumn Leaves and Heritage Architecture

The City has developed the Heritage Design Guidelines to help you identify what era of dwelling your house is by its features and built form. It also has detailed guidelines on how best to plan your additions, alteration, subdivision, car parking, fence, demolition, painting and finishes, solar panels, and infill developments.

The Introduction to the guidelines tells you their purpose and gives a brief explanation on how they work.

You can view the entire Heritage Design Guidelines booklet, or choose the specific section that relates to your works or restoration:

Miners' cottages style 1850-1875

Bendigo Boom / Victorian style 1870-1901

Federation style 1901-1918

Inter-war style 1918-1934

Additions and alterations


Car parking

External paint and finishes



Solar energy

Infill development

Find out what terms like 'finial', 'fretwork' or 'frieze' mean in the glossary.

More information

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