Planning Scheme Amendment C235 - Bendigo City Centre Heritage Study – Stage 1

The amendment proposes to implement the Bendigo City Centre Heritage Study – Stage 1 by:

  • Apply the heritage overlay to 18 places
  • Remove the neighbourhood character overlay from one particular place
  • Include the 18 statements of significance in the schedule to clause 72.04 (incorporated documents)
  • Include Volume 2 of the study in the schedule to clause 72.08 (background documents).

On October 22, 2021 notice of approval of the amendment was published in the Victorian Government Gazette and the changes proposed by the amendment came into effect forming part of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme.

This planning amendment process is now finished.

View full documentation.

Gazetted Date

  • Commencement of public exhibition
  • Close of public exhibition
  • Council resolved to refer to Panel
  • Directions Hearing
  • Panel Hearing
  • Council decision to approve amendment
  • Submitted to Minister for Approval
  • Gazetted

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