Planning Scheme Amendment C242 Eaglehawk Landfill Buffer Project

The City of Greater Bendigo commissioned an audit to be undertaken to consider the potential environmental impacts of the Eaglehawk Landfill on the immediate surrounding area.

This audit, conducted in accordance with Section 53V of the Environment Protection Act 1970, was in response to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) guidelines Best Practice Environmental Management – Siting, design, protection, operation and rehabilitation of landfills 2015, which require Councils to carefully consider any potential offsite environmental impacts of a landfill before approving new uses or development within a landfill buffer area (for Eaglehawk Landfill this is 500 metres).

An audit can be undertaken by an individual landowner to support a development application, but due to the difficulty and expense of preparing an audit, the City decided it would instead prepare one for the entire buffer area and an EPA accredited auditor was engaged to review the potential impacts of gas migration, odour, dust and noise.

The City and the EPA have now received the auditor’s final report and recommendations which confirmed that the landfill is being actively managed and monitored under strict licence conditions, including regular gas monitoring extraction and careful management of waste to reduce odour.

The audit found that:

  • The risk of gas migration is low and can be managed through building techniques and regular monitoring of gas at the landfill
  • There is a risk of odour in some areas close to the landfill
  • Dust and noise are not causing significant risks to properties within the buffer area

The audit has provided recommendations about how future development in the buffer area should be managed to ensure that neighbouring properties will not be adversely affected by the landfill. These recommendations will be used by the City to develop controls for the planning scheme to guide future development in the buffer. The full audit report is available below and on the EPA website.

Download the: 

The Minister for Planning has authorised the City to prepare the planning scheme amendment to implement the recommendations of the audit. Preparation of the amendment is underway and the proposed controls are expected to be exhibited to the community in early 2023.

If you have any further queries regarding this project, please contact Rebecca Fisher in the Strategic Planning Unit on 1300 002 642 or at 
[email protected]

Amendment Number
Preparing for Exhibition

  • Council meeting to consider Authorisation
  • With Minister for Planning for Authorisation
  • Authorisation to proceed with amendment received

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