First steps before you apply for a permit

Reviewing Plans

Before applying for a planning permit, we recommend you do some research to understand the features of your property.

Knowing the zoning and overlay controls which apply to your land, what documents are required for an application and also the other consents/permits you may require will assist your project through the planning process.

Before you start, discuss your proposal with the City's Planning Department.

We can advise:

  • Whether or not your proposal needs a permit
  • If your proposal is prohibited
  • What additional information you need to supply with your application
  • How your application will be processed

We offer a variety of planning pre-application advice services to help you understand the land use controls which apply to your property, the planning process and what information may be needed for your application.

Ask a planning question today.


Talk to your neighbours so they are aware of your proposal and you are aware of their concerns.

Taking the time to talk to them at this early stage may save time later if changes can be made to the plans that address their concerns prior to lodging your application.

Most people appreciate the opportunity to discuss plans before the formal notice process commences.

Things to consider before finalising plans:

  • Are there any restrictions on my property title?
  • Is there an easement on my property? And will I need to be setback from it?
  • Is there a Council street tree where I want to put my driveway access?
  • Will my development require native vegetation removal?
  • Is my property in a Neighbourhood Character Overlay?
  • Is my property in an Heritage Overlay?
  • Is my property in a zone or overlay which supports my development or is there a more suitable location for my project?

It is important to work with the purpose of the zone, overlays, context, title restrictions and features of your site before finalising plans. If you don't consider or protect certain features as part of your proposal, there is risk that your project may not be supported and your plans will need to change or could even be refused.

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 sets out the planning permit application process and the City of Greater Bendigo's role in assessing applications.

Learn more about the planning process and planning permits by looking at Victoria's Planning System on the State Government website.


The Planning Department and the community are looking for proposals that will meet their expectations as outlined in the City of Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme.

Getting the right professional advice from a private town planning consultant before you apply (particularly if your proposal is complex or has several components) will help develop your ideas so you meet both Council's expectations and your objectives.

You may require additional permits from one or more of the City's departments once your planning permit has been issued. Please get in contact with the relevant department to obtain advice and application requirements early.

Follow the below links for more information:

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Works in the Road Reserve - When building on Council land

Street Tree Protection Guidelines - Details how to develop safely around street trees

Septic and Wastewater Approvals - When building in a rural area (without town sewage)

Business Application Navigator - Can assist with multiple permits for small business

Report and Consent - Apply to vary a requirement under the Building regulations

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