9. Apply to change or extend a planning permit

Changing your planning permit after it is approved

You can apply to amend the plans that were endorsed with a planning permit. It is also possible to change the conditions or description of the planning permit, but you must provide justification for the change and the likely affect. 

The process for applying to amend a planning permit is similar to applying for a new permit. Depending on the proposed changes, it may need to be advertised or may need referral to external agencies such as CFA.

An application to amend a permit or plans must include:

It is important to note that amending a permit does not change its expiry date.

Extending the expiry date of a planning permit

Generally, a planning permit must be commenced within 2 years of the date of issue and any works must be completed within 2 years of the commencement date. If the works are not complete, you can apply for an extension of time, however this must be done within the following time frames:

  • Before or within 6 months after the permit has expired, where the use or development has not yet started; and
  • Before or within 12 months after the permit has expired, where the use or development has lawfully started

If a request for extension of time is made outside of this time frame, Council and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) cannot consider the request and a new application for a planning permit must be submitted.

Any application for an extension of time must include:

Secondary consent

You can apply for secondary consent to make minor changes to approved plans.  An example of this may be where a permit includes a condition with wording such as “…must not be altered without the written consent of the responsible authority”.  

The proposed changes can only involve amendments to the approved plans and does not conflict with or require changes to the permit description or conditions.

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