2. Pre-application advice for planning permits

As well as our general planning enquiry service, we also offer a pre-application meeting service for more complex applications such as multi-unit developments, large subdivisions, change of land use and some heritage developments. It is important that you have a clear proposal in mind as planning advice is specific to the land and the proposed use/development. You may need to provide plans prior to the meeting.

A pre-application meeting can help you to:

  • Identify any planning issues prior to lodging an application
  • Understand the information you need to include in your planning application
  • Get accurate advice early in the process, which helps the application process to be smooth and efficient.

Please note: A pre-application meeting does not guarantee that a planning permit application will be approved. Not all projects need a pre-application meeting - please see our Ask a Planning Question page.

Request a pre-application meeting

  1. Complete the planning pre-application meeting request form
  2. Attach a location plan, brief description of the proposal, plans or sketches of the project
  3. Submit your request and all supporting documentation to [email protected] 

Requests for pre-application meetings will close on 30 November 2022.  Requests after that date will be responded to in the new year.

Next steps

If your proposal looks straightforward the next step may just involve a discussion over the phone or email with a Planning team member. 

Where the proposal looks more complex – a Planning team member will contact you to offer a meeting / video conference date. Other relevant officers such as a heritage advisor or a traffic engineer may be invited to the meeting. 

You may be advised to engage a private planning consultant to help you prepare your application if the proposal is complex or involves several components. 

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