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Pre-application advice

We offer a variety of planning pre-application advice services.

If you need advice on whether a use or development needs a planning permit, the following options are available:

Advice on straightforward proposals

Call us

Need advice in writing to confirm if a planning permit is required

Submit a Planning Information Request

Advice on larger or more complex proposals

Apply for Planning pre-application advice

Call us

You can ask a planning question or discuss a proposal with us by calling us on 1300 002 642.  We offer free phone advice with a planning officer for straightforward proposals including:

This is a free service.

Our planning enquiry service can provide general information around:

  • Zones and overlays which apply to your property
  • Whether a planning permit is required for a project
  • Information that would be required for a planning permit application

You will need to provide an exact property address and a brief description of what you want to do on the land.

Call us on 1300 002 642 or email general advice questions to [email protected]

Enquiries may take 1-3 days for a response.

For larger or more complex applications such as multi-dwelling development, change in land use, mixed-use developments or buildings and works in a Heritage Overlay, we offer a pre-application advice service.  This may be a discussion by phone, an online meeting or in-person.

Pre-application advice can help you:

  • Identify any planning issues prior to lodging an application
  • Understand the permit requirements and information you need to include in your application.
  • Get accurate advice early in the process

Things to consider during the preliminary design stage include:

  • Building siting and layout
  • Retention of significant vegetation and opportunities for landscaping
  • Environmental sustainable design
  • Bushfire management requirements
  • Use of land and operating a business

This is a fee-based service if you require written feedback from the pre-application meeting.

Verbal advice is always free and you are welcome to take your own notes in the meeting. However, much of the advice can be of a technical nature and you may find it helpful to invest in a detailed written response from the Planner to help you submit a well-prepared application and eliminate delays in the process.

Please note that pre-application advice is preliminary only and does not replace a full assessment of the proposal.  Other matters may be raised following a full planning assessment include a site visit, referral comments from external agencies or internal City units, objections or other matters.

Apply for a pre-application meeting here.

You can get written advice or confirmation of whether a planning permit is required for a proposal, or if you need detailed advice on potential planning matters.

This may include zoning or overlay controls that apply to the land and advice on Planning Scheme or policy requirements.

This is a fee-based service where charges depend on the level of detail required and the complexity of the proposal.

You will need to submit supporting documentation such as site plans, elevations and a current copy of title.

Please note that Planning advice and fees will be based on the information submitted with the request.

Download a PIR application form

You can request a copy of a decided planning permit and endorsed plans. Requests must be made in writing and may require a fee. 

If the permit and endorsed plans are available in our electronic document management system we may be able to email them to you free of charge, however requests for multiple permits and plans will attract a fee.

Older planning permits that are stored in our offsite Archives will attract search fees as set out below:

  • Initial permit and plans search fee $100.00
  • Additional permits and plans $50.00 each permit
  • Photocopying $0.35 per A4 sheet if hard copy required

Request a copy of permit and plans

If you are considering demolishing an older dwelling/building for development purposes, please contact the Planning Department on 1300 002 642 for advice.

Please Note: You may also need consent from the Building Department for demolition.

When to seek other advice

The Planning Department's pre-application role is to advise when a planning permit is required, details of zoning and overlay controls and what to include as a part of an application for assessment.

If you need help with:

  • Developing design options
  • Putting an application together
  • Understanding title restrictions

You will need to seek the assistance of a private planning consultant or legal professional. 

Talk to a Planner

A duty planner is available 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday to give general planning advice.

The planner needs to know the address of the property for your query and a general outline of what you want to do.

You can contact us on 1300 002 642 to request a call-back, or email your enquiry to [email protected]

Enquiries may take 1-3 days to respond.

We welcome your feedback.

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