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Occupational health and safety

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Occupational health and safety handbook


Worksafe has many tools to set up or implement a safe workplace. You can subscribe to the latest safety alerts and news or access helpful guidance and publications around many occupational, health and safety (OHS) topics.

Worksafe provide an OHS Essentials Program where an independent consultant can visit your workplace and make recommendations on how to improve or comply with OHS legislation. A follow up visit is also arranged to assess the implementation of recommended safety procedures.

Go to www.worksafe.vic.gov.au

Heads Up

Heads Up provides useful information about mental health in the workplace.

This site provides information around:

  • Creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • Taking care of yourself at work
  • Supporting others in the workplace
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Available resources and training

Go to www.headsup.org.au

Healthy Workers

The Australian Government has developed the Healthy Workers initiative to assist workplaces in creating a healthy workplace.

This site provides information around:

  • What a healthy workplace is
  • Creating a healthy workplace
  • Small business tools
  • Case studies
  • An assessment to look at how healthy your industry is
  • Resources and tools to implement a healthy workplace

Go to www.healthyworkers.gov.au

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