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Construction and building

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Metal grid on ground during construction works

The City's population is growing by an average of 1.5 per cent per annum and is estimated to reach 120,000 by 2020.

Around 1,000 new homes are constructed each year and this will continue to be fuelled by Bendigo's strong building and manufacturing sector.

Major works

In the last few years Greater Bendigo has undertaken a number of major building and construction works, providing community members with a wealth of opportunities and employment.

Some of the most notable major projects that are underway or completed include;

  • Ulumburra Theatre
  • Bendigo Health project
  • Bendigo Stadium expansion
  • St John of God redevelopment
  • Bendigo Tennis centre redevelopment
  • Bendigo Airport redevelopment
  • Bendigo Botanic Gardens, White Hills "Garden for the Future"


The City has a number of private developers creating visionary urban living spaces. Some have influenced key changes to local road and rail infrastructure, such as investment into identified "black spots" in the region, or new/redeveloped railway stations in Epsom and Kangaroo Flat.

Private developments have attributed to the rejuvenation of important historical buildings such as the Fortuna Villa.

The stats

  • Greater Bendigo's construction industry is valued at $1.08B per annum and employs 6.7 per cent (2,510 people) across Greater Bendigo.
  • Twenty per cent of registered businesses in Greater Bendigo are in the building and construction sector, compared to the state average of 17 per cent.
  • The sector value added $340M (7.9 per cent) to the local economy in the 2015/2016 financial year.
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