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How to legally choose a location to operate from

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The first step in choosing a good location is to find an address that allows your business to operate legally. Town Planning staff can provide initial advice to applicants around whether their chosen address complies with the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme.

For example, you would like to open a café in Axedale, Town Planning staff can advise you around the type of zoning or overlay applicable if you can provide them a specific address. Alternatively, you can conduct your own initial research on the location via Community Compass (POZI).

Community Compass (POZI)

Zones and overlays regulate what you can and cannot do from a parcel of land. POZI allows you to generate zone and overlay reports (Planning Property Reports) from the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme.

access If you have found a location to operate your business from and you would like to do your own research on the zone or overlay that applies to the address you have chosen, you can access POZI.

Planning Property Reports from POZI

Planning Property Reports display information such as planning overlays (e.g. heritage, residential, commercial) and zones.

Applicants can link to the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme from the report if they wish to understand zones and overlays further.

Go to https://bendigo.pozi.com


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