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Environmental improvements to your building

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Would you like to undertake environmental improvements to your building and improve your bottom line?

The City offers Environmental Upgrade Agreements to eligible commercial business owners to undertake environmental improvements to their building.

What is an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA)?

An EUA is a financing agreement between a building owner, a bank and the City. An EUA is only for works that improve the environmental efficiency of a commercial building.

Once the agreement is approved, a lender provides financing to a building owner. The City collects repayments of the loan through the rates system and returns the property charge to the lender.

What are some of the benefits of EUAs?

EUAs can assist building owners to;

  • Reduce their bills through lower operating costs
  • Obtain a low cost interest loan for the environmental upgrade
  • Improve their building value
  • Pass on lower operational costs to tenants 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

What sort of improvements can be made?

Example improvements may include;

  • Heating, cooling and ventilation improvements
  • Toilet/urinal replacements for accredited and compliant efficient systems
  • Lighting upgrades to more efficient LED lighting
  • Rainwater harvesting and filtration systems.

To learn more about eligibility, download our EUA fact sheet.

Want to know more about EUAs?

Please contact our Business Help Desk on 03 5434 6000 or email [email protected]

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