Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration

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The Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration is designed to bring businesses, community organisations, households, and schools together for three years of climate change action to put our City on the path to zero climate-changing emissions by 2030.

In 2018, world-leading environmentalist Paul Hawken visited Bendigo to talk about climate change and its likely impacts. His address ignited a local desire for collective action on climate. Consequently, representatives 20 Bendigo businesses, organisations, community groups and local and state government set about designing, creating and financing the Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration. The Collaboration was launched in July 2022.

Our goal

To reduce climate-changing emissions across the Greater Bendigo area and the wider Loddon Campaspe region to zero by 2030.

Our objectives

  • To bring together different sectors of Greater Bendigo to create and enhance city-scale climate projects
  • To bring together regional stakeholders to identify, collaborate on and advocate for regional climate projects
  • To host a nationally significant Greater Bendigo Climate Summit that puts our city on the path to zero emissions
  • To create significant local and regional economic development opportunities from climate action
  • To deliver a project that supports Aboriginal self-determination in practice by advancing Traditional Owner values and aspirations for healing Country
  • To turn this three-year project into an ongoing climate collaboration up to 2030
  • To build a movement that supports people, communities and businesses in Greater Bendigo and the broader region to collaborate towards zero emissions
  • To assist homes and businesses to act on climate change in the short term and to move to zero impact by 2030

Our principles

  • Common interests: We recognise that responding to climate change and environmental sustainability is everyone’s business. 
  • Environmental justice: the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, colour, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.  
  • Innovation: We are committed to building a movement and to supporting radical local climate action commensurate with the scale required to reverse climate change.  
  • Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our work together, in the processes we use and the outcomes we deliver. 
  • Shared leadership: We are committed to leading together on climate change. We recognise that creating and advocating for a zero emissions city is the shared responsibility of the people and organisations of Greater Bendigo.  
  • Working in partnerships: We work as partners with our community, with businesses, schools and organisations and across our region. As partners we listen, respect and encourage participation.     
  • Strengths-based approach: We are active participants and are committed to bringing all our resources and influencing opportunities to the project. Everybody contributes and does their bit. We focus on solutions and we build on existing work and achievements.  
  • Shared learning: We bring all we know, including our expertise and experience of what has worked in other collaborations to the project and share our learnings. We are committed to constantly reviewing what works and what doesn’t to maximise climate action and emissions reductions, and to change our approach accordingly. 
  • Climate change in all policies, programs and projects: We are committed to taking climate action at all levels including in our own households, businesses and other areas of influence and to ensuring a climate action lens and the pursuit of zero emissions is front and centre of our lives. 
  • Traditional Owners central in climate action on Country: We are committed to an overarching principle of Traditional Owner empowerment that connects all areas, partners and projects within the Climate Collaboration. 

Our governance

Our Governance Group guides the strategic direction and delivery of the Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration. Governance Group members include representatives of the following organisations:

  • City of Greater Bendigo
  • Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginal Clans Corporation
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • RACV Solar
  • Agnico Eagle
  • La Trobe University
  • Coliban Water
  • Bendigo Youth Council
  • Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance
  • Be.Bendigo
  • Bendigo Sustainability Group


Our partners

Partners provide expertise, experience, resources and financial support

  • Collaboration lead: City of Greater Bendigo
  • Major Partners: Agnico Eagle, RACV Solar
  • Founding Partners: Bendigo Bank, Coliban Water, La Trobe University
  • Premium Partners: North Central Catchment Management Authority, CVGT Australia
  • Community Partners: Bendigo Sustainability Group, ACF Community Bendigo District, Bike Bendigo, Bendigo Foodshare


Our team

The GBCC Team works from the City of Greater Bendigo offices. It includes:

  • Collaboration Co-ordinator: Ian McBurney
  • Senior Climate projects Officer: Verity Lougoon
  • Climate Change Engagement Officer: Jessica Morthorpe
  • Climate Change Engagement Officer: Genevieve Barlow
  • Team Manager: Michelle Wyatt. Manager, Climate Change and Environment Unit

What we are doing

Greater Bendigo Climate Summit

We are organising and running the Greater Bendigo Climate Summit.

To be held on May 26 and 27, 2023, the summit will bring together people, communities, schools organisations and government to celebrate climate actions to date and commit to working towards zero emissions together by 2030. We will be inspired by world leading climate speakers and present updates on the following:

With support from Regional Development Victoria, we are engaging with local government and other key stakeholders across the Central and Northern Victorian Region to:

  • Develop a Regional Zero Emissions Roadmap that identifies the top collaborative emissions-reducing projects for the region.
  • Progress priority projects as the Regional Zero Emissions Roadmap develops.

We are creating a community-owned Zero Emissions Roadmap for Greater Bendigo that identifies collaborative climate advocacy, education and projects to reach zero emissions by 2030. We are creating this Roadmap in three phases.

Phase 1

Engaging the community (Up to late Feb 2023)

We are reaching out and gathering ideas for climate actions the community would like to pursue across six key sectors – renewable energy, transport, nature, buildings, food and the circular economy. We have already run our major Renewable energy and sustainable transport forums and will be conducting further stakeholder forums, community meetings, library listening posts and online engagement to ensure we allow maximum participation.

Phase 2

Prioritising projects and finalising the Greater Bendigo zero-emissions roadmap (up to April 2023).

Take the plan back out to the community for feedback.

Phase 3

Begin to implement priority projects, advocacy, research and education actions from the roadmap.


Business Climate Action Program

We are creating a business climate action program to help small, medium and large businesses to reduce energy use, electrify everything and plan for zero emissions by 2030.


Schools Climate Action Program

We are creating partnerships with organisations who can help schools reduce energy use and plan for zero emissions by 2030.


Household Climate Action Program

We are developing Climate Action Plans that households can use to help celebrate climate actions to date, undertake short term climate actions and plan for zero emissions by 2030


Climate Education Program

We are developing a climate education program to showcase successful climate action, and provide the encouragement, information and support people need to move towards zero emissions at home, at work and in the community.

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