Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration

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It's time to work together on climate change!

The City of Greater Bendigo has developed the Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration in partnership with businesses and community groups so that we can work together to achieve zero emissions by 2030.

Join us for the first of three years of climate action and education to:

  • Help businesses, homes and schools to act on climate, plan for zero emissions and get involved in community projects.
  • Run six community climate forums that bring us together to understand the zero emissions challenge and support and create city scale projects.
  • Pull together regional stakeholders to identify and implement the top ten zero emissions projects for the region.

Three questions for everyone to ask: 

  • What can I do?
  • What can we do together?
  • What can we advocate for together?

Download the Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration brochure for more detail about the collaborating, including how the collaboration formed, the work we will be doing together over the next three years, the dates and topics of our climate forums and how to get involved.

About the collaboration

In 2018 renowned environmentalist Paul Hawken visited Bendigo to talk about his new book Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. The visit inspired local organisations and community groups to think about a collective Bendigo climate change project. 

In 2019  thirty five people from 20 Bendigo organisations created the collaboration together. In 2021 the project governance, funding and staff were pulled together with the City of Greater Bendigo as the lead.         


The governance committee includes:

  • City of Greater Bendigo
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Coliban Water
  • Kirkland Gold
  • Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance
  • Bendigo Sustainability Group
  • City Youth Councillor
  • Be Bendigo


Globally, solving the climate crisis is a diabolical policy issue. Locally, it’s an economic development opportunity that is good for people and good for the planet. The journey to zero emissions provides us with a once off chance to transform, improve and localise our energy, transport and food sectors and build a local circular economy.

The Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration is a program to bring us together to reach zero emissions. Use the Collaboration to widen your project’s impact or join projects and help them fly. Use the collaboration to learn, to exchange ideas, motivate yourself, improve your business, reduce your power bill and find the others like you who are ready to collaborate on climate action. Let’s collaborate like our future depends on it. Let’s act together in a way that is commensurate with the scale of the climate crisis.


How rapidly can the Bendigo region move to 100% clean energy? The plunging cost of renewables is a thrilling game changer.  


How can our buildings reduce costs, produce power and food and be comfortable to live in year-round? Get ready for an electrifying, retrofitted, green building revolution. 


How rapidly can we move beyond petrol? A mix of active travel, public transport and electric vehicles (many shared) will make our roads better for everyone.


How can our food system be good for people and the planet? From farm to plate, exciting local changes are underway to build a healthy food system that is good for the carbon cycle.


How can we protect and restore our local ecosystems? Restoring our forests, soil and waterways will capture carbon and water and ensure biodiversity thrives.

Circular Economy

How can we eliminate the concept of waste? Let’s make and repair quality goods locally, share access to stuff, buy bulk, reuse, upcycle and change the nature of consumption.

There is only so much that individual cities and shires can do to achieve our goal of zero emissions. We need to collaborate on regional scale projects that we can implement or advocate for together.

Output: A Regional Zero Emissions Roadmap. These forums will bring together stakeholders from across the CVGA and Loddon Campaspe region to collectively identify the top 10 projects which will put us on a pathway to zero emissions by 2030.

Projects could be in renewable energy, transport, circular economy, buildings, food or energy efficiency sectors.

Homes: we’ll help you act on climate at home and show you how to get involved in community climate action. 

Community Groups: participate in local climate projects, get support for your climate projects, engage more people with your group.

Schools: we’ll help you act on climate at school and get involved in community climate action

Funding Partners: Join the organisations below and help the climate collaboration fly.

Organisations: we’ll help you create your own climate action plan and help you get involved in collective climate projects.

Projects: Have a climate project you want supported? We can pull people and organisations together to help with project design, business cases and finding supporters.

Regional Stakeholders: Come along to the regional forums and help identify and progress regional scale projects.

Find out more

Find out more information by reading our GBCC Questions & Answers.

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Contact us

Get in touch to register interest, discuss a climate project and to find out more:

Greater Bendigo Climate Collaboration Team


Collaboration Lead:
City of Greater Bendigo

Major Partners:
Agnico Eagle

RACV Solar

Founding Partners:
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Coliban Water and La Trobe University

Premium Partners:
North Central CMA and CVGT Australia


Bendigo Sustainability Group; Australian Conservation Foundation Bendigo District; Community Power Hub Loddon Mallee; Regional Development Victoria and Bike Bendigo.

Like to join this group?  Contact us: [email protected]


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