We work together with residents and community to create a strong community that is inclusive and resilient. 

We provide services to young and old, the vulnerable and isolated, people living with a disability, those in need of help at home, and we collaborate with Greater Bendigo's community organisations. 

We support our young communities with opportunities to develop skills, talk to their peers and gain recognition.  

We work to improve community safety with the installation of CCTV, and information sharing via our Safe Community Forum.

Home support programs help older people or people with disabilities and their carers to maintain their independence. They include personal care, food services, help around the house and opportunities to socialise. 

Community groups are encouraged to pursue priorities and develop projects with help from our community grants program and the support of the Community Development team.

Contact us

For all inquiries regarding community and care please contact us on 1300 002 642.


Food relief information

For details as to where and when food assistance is available across Greater Bendigo go to food relief information

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