Building culturally diverse and inclusive communities

The City of Greater Bendigo is committed to ensuring equitable access, social inclusion and respect for human rights for all people who live and visit our city.

On Monday March 29, 2022 the Greater Bendigo City Council adopted a new Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Plan (CDIP) 2021-2025 and acknowledged and thanked the community for helping develop the plan.

The CDIP focuses on seven key areas, Leadership, Social and Cultural Inclusion, Economic Development, Learning and Skills Development, Civic Participation, Spaces and Places and Health and Wellbeing.

The plan provides a framework for the City to further advance cultural diversity and inclusion, support multicultural communities, and progress the City’s status as an accredited Welcoming City with the Welcoming Australia Network.

The plan sets out how the City, partner agencies and groups in the community can work together over the next four years to build on the work and success of the City’s first CDIP which was delivered from 2016-2019.

The CDIP was developed following an extensive evaluation and community engagement process involving residents from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, agency partners and City services.  The process included preparing a Report Card to highlight the achievements of the previous CDIP, evaluation report findings, and consultation through interviews, surveys, focus groups, staff forums and a stakeholder workshop.


2023 Cultural Diversity Week

March 2023 is a month full of festivities to mark the National Harmony Day (March 21) and celebrate the Cultural Diversity Week (11 – 21 March, 2023). City of Greater Bendigo and its partners are presenting to the community family-friendly, free events to acknowledge and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of Greater Bendigo’s multicultural communities.

Enjoy a month of festivities showcasing Greater Bendigo’s cultural diversity.

Download Cultural Diversity Week program


Harmony Fair 2023

The highlight of the 2023 Cultural Diversity Week is the Harmony Fair 2023 that brings communities together to enjoy and celebrate the great food, art, music and dance that multicultural communities have on offer in Greater Bendigo and the region. Bring a picnic chair or rug and enjoy a fun family day on Saturday, 18 March 2023.

Download Harmony Fair poster


Interpreting Service Awareness Campaign

The campaign initiated by Rural Australians for Refugees, has welcomed the support of the Victorian Government, the City of Greater Bendigo, Be.Bendigo, Bendigo Community Health Service and Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services.

The new toolkit comprises a series of brochures and fact sheets that encourage businesses to register with an accredited interpreter service. The Interpreter Services is an Australian Government initiative.

The Australian Government’s TIS National Interpreting Service is provided free of charge to medical practitioners, pharmacies, real estate agents, parliamentarians, local government, trade unions and some non-government organisations (for casework and emergency services), and they are all encouraged them to sign up. For other business there is a small fee for this service.

For more information please download the flyer or watch the following video.

Guide to free interpreter service (Video)

Interpreter Eligible Business Fact Sheet

Interpreter Ineligible Business Fact Sheet

Translation Flyer

If you missed the launch event then you can view it here -


'We are Karen' Video

The City of Greater Bendigo and the Karen Organisation of Bendigo have created a video called We Are Karen to increase understanding and acceptance of the Karen community in Greater Bendigo. The video highlights the history and background of the Karen community and the wonderful contribution the 2,500 strong Karen community members make to the liveability of Greater Bendigo.


City of Greater Bendigo – A Refugee Welcome Zone

In 2002, the City of Greater Bendigo signed a Refugee Council of Australia declaration to state its commitment to welcome refugees into our community. This declaration, which remains current, signifies our organisation’s commitment to demonstrating compassion for refugees and to supporting their cultural and religious diversity.


Toolkit for Volunteer organisations in Greater Bendigo

Living in a city rich in diversity and culture, it is important local organisations and community groups have the knowledge and skills to celebrate and promote diversity, particularly for volunteers. Volunteers are critical to keeping our community ticking over. They make a tireless contribution to organisations, community groups, sporting clubs, op shops, neighbourhood houses and many more valuable local services. This free toolkit provides a handy audit to help organisations and community groups recognise what they need to do to ensure they are able to support volunteers from diverse backgrounds so they feel supported, welcome and included. View the toolkit Cultural diversity and volunteering in Greater Bendigo.