Gender Equity

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Does gender equity matter to you?

It does to us.

Gender equity is the tool required to achieve gender equality. Gender equity is the process of being fair to everyone, whether they are male, female or gender diverse. It recognises that the playing field is not always even and implements strategies and measures to ensure everybody can fully participate in community life the way they want to.

The City of Greater Bendigo is proud to be part of the Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity.

The Coalition is a diverse network of thirty organisations and groups committed to advancing gender equity and preventing violence against women in Greater Bendigo. The Coalition has developed a draft Gender Equity Strategy to help guide its collective work for the next five years. The draft strategy is open for community consultation until 31 March.

Read the draft Gender Equity Strategy and provide your feedback

Did you know that gender inequality drives violence against women?

Gender inequality sets the necessary social context for violence against women to occur. There are four particular expressions of gender inequality which consistently predict higher rates of violence against women in any given society.

These are:

  • Rigid gender roles and stereotypes
  • Men's control of decision making and limits to women's independence
  • Condoning, excusing, trivialising or minimising violence against women
  • Disrespect towards women and male peer relations that emphasise aggression

The Greater Bendigo Against Family Violence committee coordinates a range of events and activities each year to raise awareness and understanding of family violence, to ensure all people can live in safety, free from violence and abuse. This includes events leading up to and during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence - November 25 to December 10 each year.

The City of Greater Bendigo promotes women's participation in local government

The City of Greater Bendigo is proud to be a signatory of the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter. The Charter recognises the need for increased women’s participation in key decision making forums in the community such as local government.

Decision making is strengthened through diversity. When we are inclusive of different experiences and perspectives in local government, everybody benefits.

By being a signatory to the Women’s Charter, we are committed to working with the community to increase the number and level of participation of women in public life so that decision-making better represents the interests and needs of the community.

View our Certificate of Signatory to the Women’s Charter.

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