Our Outdoor Spaces are Open

Kangaroo Flat fitness equipment people training

Want a way to get active in your own time? The many outdoor spaces across the City are open for the community to use for free.

Free fitness programs to download

To help you be active in our outdoor spaces, Healthy Heart of Victoria has developed some free fitness program resources for all levels and abilities.

Programs have been created for:

  • Kangaroo Flat outdoor fitness zone
  • Long Gully fitness zone
  • And any outdoor space!

Feel free to download the program appropriate for you and get active!

Some information and tips

  • Talk to your GP if you haven't exercised in the past six months, or have any health conditions or injuries, as you might need an individualised program.
  • Try each exercise slowly and carefully when you try the exercises for the first time. Do not continue to do any exercise that does not feel right to you.
  • Stop immediately if you feel any dizziness, nausea or pain. If you do not feel better within a couple of minutes, consult a medical professional.
  • It is best to avoid exercise in extreme weather conditions and UV levels.
  • Remember to bring a water bottle when you're exercising.

We welcome your feedback.

Did you know you can log requests online?

This includes several bin requests such as missed bins, footpath maintenance, tree inspections and general requests. Visit our make a request page.

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