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Rural Communities

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A photo of a rural landscape with mailboxes and a bus stop by the side of the road

The Greater Bendigo Rural Communities Committee provides strategic advice to Council through:

  • Identifying key issues and opportunities relevant to rural community wellbeing, vibrancy and resilience and developing and implementing collaborative, coordinated responses
  • Supporting the gathering and consideration of diverse rural community perspectives in local community and Council decision making
  • Supporting the planning, delivery and evaluation of targeted initiatives aimed at strengthening rural community capabilities and capacities
  • Sdentifying potential opportunities and rationale for the modification of Council processes with the intent of improving community and organisational outcomes

The Committee is made up of:

  • Three Councillors (the Chairperson)
  • Up to nine community representatives who have a passion for and commitment to rural community leadership and advancement, plus appropriate knowledge, skills and experience
  • A City of Greater Bendigo Health and Wellbeing Director and / or Manager
  • Relevant City of Greater Bendigo Community Partnerships unit staff

The Committee meets four times a year and community representative membership is for two years.

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For more information about the Rural Communities Committee please contact us on 03 5434 6000.

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