Keep yourself cool

Heatwaves require a different approach to managing your health. Talk to your doctor about what to do in a heatwave to ensure any medication you are taking won’t be affected. Once that’s settled, here are some other ways to stay healthy in the heat:

Have a plan

Think in advance about how you are going to cope in the heat, how you will keep your home cool and what home improvements you may need to make. Print a copy of the Heatwave Action Plan and stick it to your fridge as a reminder of actions you can take to beat the heat.

Have a cool drink

Keeping hydrated is very important in hot weather. It’s easy to get dehydrated so it’s better to drink too much than not enough.

It’s also best to drink water, as soft drink can be sugary and alcohol can impair your judgement.

Stay in the shade

Direct sunlight will make you feel hotter and it will increase your risk of heatstroke and other heat-related effects. Avoid gardening on hot days, but if you need to go outside do it early in the morning or in the evening and make sure you wear a hat.

Take a break from the heat

Even a short visit to a cooler location can help. Try your local library, shopping centre or visit someone who has air conditioning.

Your local libraries and opening times:

Reduce your physical activity

If you normally go for a walk or take part in an exercise class, it might be a good idea to have a break on hot days. Walking the dog can be dangerous for you and your pet’s health on hot days.

Go shopping before it gets hot

If it gets really hot you may not be able to go to the shops. Make sure you keep an eye on the weather report and stock up on anything you need before a heatwave. Walking to the shops can also be dangerous for your health on hot days.

Dress for the weather

During hot weather wear shorts, t-shirts or light weight pants. Light colours are better than dark colours. You can also use a cool pack or wet cloth on your neck.

If you have symptoms, make a call

If you feel dizzy, nauseous, have a bad headache, lose balance, get short of breath or just feel sick call Nurse on Call (1300 60 60 24), your doctor, or even an ambulance (000). You are not bothering them and they would prefer you call. More information on symptoms are available on the Better Health website.

Keep Yourself Cool

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