Using scooters and electric wheelchairs

Charging Electric Wheelchair at Library

Using scooters and electric wheelchairs in the City of Greater Bendigo

Motorised scooters and wheelchairs help you to move around independently if you cannot walk or you have difficulty walking.

But did you know that scooter and wheelchair users are classed as pedestrians under traffic laws? This means you must travel at up to 10 km per hour and stay on the footpath or off-road bicycle paths.


Safety tips for wheelchair and scooter users

For your safety and to avoid accidents we recommend you:

  • Ensure your batteries are fully charged and know how long they will last
  • Choose a safe route – avoid rough paths and low branches
  • Stay on footpaths or off-road bicycle paths
  • Make yourself visible – use lights, flags or reflective clothing
  • Use your indicators or a hand signal
  • Cross the road only if you have a clear view
  • Assume drivers and other pedestrians may not have seen you or heard you coming


Accessibility Maps

The City has developed Accessibility Maps, which provide valuable information that can assist people of all abilities to get around The City of Greater Bendigo. Maps include features such as accessible toilets, scooter/wheelchair charge up points, audible pedestrian crossings and much more. Download a digital copy of the accessibility maps.


Free charging locations for wheelchairs and scooters around Bendigo

Download the Charge Up Flyer for a printable list of free recharging locations around Bendigo. Recharge locations are also plotted on the Bendigo Access Maps.

  • Bendigo Library (located behind the stairwell next to the photocopier) – Hargreaves Street
  • Bendigo UFS, Hargreaves Street Pharmacy – 379 Hargreaves Street
  • Bendigo UFS, View Street Pharmacy – corner View and Barnard streets
  • Bendigo Bank (Fountain Court Arcade near lifts) – corner High and Mitchell streets
  • Bendigo Marketplace (between Erindale Butcher and the Bendigo Original Pie Shop) – 37 Garsed Street
  • Bendigo Railway Station (inside, opposite the café) – Railway Place
  • Bendigo TAFE, City Campus (Building G, Information Centre) – Hargreaves Street
  • Intereach (NDIS) - 384 Hargreaves Street
  • MatchWorks – 26 St Andrews Avenue
  • Bendigo Tennis Centre - 21 Nolan Street


  • Bendigo Mobility Services – 3/89 Victoria Street (via the lane)


  • OAPL Health and Mobility Centre – 401-405 High Street


  • Heathcote Visitor Information Centre – corner High and Barracks Streets
  • Palling Bros Brewery - 168 High Street


  • Kangaroo Flat Library  – 23 Lockwood Road
  • Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre - 9 Browning Street
  • Sharkey Mobility Aids – 73 Short St
  • Lansell Square - 267 High Street


  • Long Gully Neighbourhood Centre – 52-54 Derwent Drive


  • Bendigo Prince of Wales Showgrounds (in the conference hall under the power board) – Holmes Road

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