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Bendigo is a Child Friendly City!

Bendigo is the first city in Australia to be recognised as a Child Friendly City by the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in January 2007.


Our Vision:

  • Children are equal citizens with the same rights as adults
  • Children are asked their ideas and opinions
  • Children's ideas and opinions are seriously considered by adults
  • Children feel safe in their community
  • Adults care for the environment for children now and in the future

For more information contact the Young Communities Team on 5434 6000 or email us.

Commitment by all

Living in a child friendly city is a commitment by the whole community to embrace the vision of children and strive to achieve a sustainable urban future for the city.

Bendigo's Child Friendly City initiative originally emerged through funding received from the Commonwealth Government's "Stronger Families, Stronger Communities" strategy. This Communities for Children initiative locally known in Bendigo as Joining Together for Bendigo Children, provided increased momentum for us to partner with the community to formalise our commitment to children as citizens.



Community Awareness Raising
The City of Greater Bendigo assumes a leadership role in raising general awareness of the importance of Building a Child Friendly City.

Consultation with Children
City of Greater Bendigo is committed to ongoing and meaningful consultation with children to support its planning processes.


The City of Greater Bendigo has a commitment to providing free children and family events through out the city.