Draft Greater Bendigo Community Buildings Policy

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Feedback on Council’s Draft Community Buildings Policy is currently being sought – with many different perspectives needed to ensure the Policy reflects different community and organisational contexts.

Eleven ‘community champions’, appointed via a public expression of interest process, have supported the development of the Draft Policy.

Having access to community buildings is important for individual and community wellbeing. Examples of community buildings include halls, libraries and pavilions at recreation reserves.

Council’s proposed vision for community buildings is:

By 2036, Greater Bendigo will have an equitable network of welcoming and inclusive community buildings where all people can

  • connect with other people, culture, activities and programs
  • play and create
  • learn and contribute
  • rest

Once adopted by Council, the Policy will guide how Greater Bendigo’s community buildings are planned, designed, resourced, managed and used into the future – so they can continue to support community needs and promote individual and community wellbeing. The Policy will also provide the basis for the development of a Community Hubs Strategy, which will guide the future planning of Greater Bendigo’s community buildings in more detail. Community input will be sought as part of the Strategy development process.

Some of the current challenges linked to community building provision and operation across Greater Bendigo include:

  • inequities in existing community building service levels
  • changing community needs and legislated standards
  • responding to community needs within financial constraints
  • changing patterns of community volunteering
  • some existing community buildings no longer being fit for purpose
  • lack of clarity about Council’s role in community buildings it doesn’t own or manage

Questions you might like to consider as you review the Draft Policy include:

  1. What do you think are the strengths of the draft Policy?
  2. What do you think are the opportunities to improve the draft Policy?
  3. Do you have any specific feedback on the draft Policy:
    1. scope
    2. definitions
    3. vision statement
    4. principles and linked commitment statements
    5. community facility hierarchy
    6. core service levels
    7. decision-making framework

Feedback on the Draft Policy should be provided to [email protected]  by 5pm on Friday 29 May 2020.

Draft Greater Bendigo Community Buildings Policy

We welcome your feedback.

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