Queensland fruit fly information

Fruit Fly Fruit Covers and Fruit Flys on Matchstick

Queensland fruit fly

Populations of Queensland fruit fly have spread across urban Bendigo and a number of small townships. Many residents have experienced damage to their fruit and vegetable crops.

Queensland fruit fly is able to attack many different types of fruits and vegetables and if left uncontrolled, can lead to total crop losses. Queensland fruit fly also poses a serious risk to the horticulture industry.

As the lead authority on managing Queensland fruit fly, Agriculture Victoria has lots of tips and information. 

The Prevent Fruit Fly website, developed by Plant Health Australia for the National Fruit Fly Council, is also an excellent resource for gardeners and commercial producers. Visit: http://preventfruitfly.com.au/

The City is working closely with Agriculture Victoria and is also implementing management strategies for its fruit trees in City parks and gardens.

A handy brochure for home gardeners is available from Agriculture Victoria. Copies are also available from City offices in Bendigo and Heathcote.

Meet Ernie the Queensland fruit fly:

The City and Mount Alexander Shire Council have produced five engaging videos about Queensland fruit fly management for home gardeners: 

Understanding how Queensland fruit fly breed and multiply is very important because it helps us choose the right management and control options.

Agriculture Victoria have also produced a video where you can learn more about the life cycle of the Queensland fruit fly

Disposal of contaminated fruit

Residents that find fruit fly affected fruit on their property should place all the affected fruit in a double lined plastic bag and leave it in the sun for a week to kill larvae.

This bag should then be placed in the general waste bin. It should NOT be put in the organic green waste bin as the composting process does not kill the fruit fly larvae and there remains the risk of spreading fruit fly to other areas.