Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) Assessments

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What is an ESD assessment?

An ESD assessment considers a proposal against industry recognised key environmental standards.

Developments will ideally aim to achieve ‘best practice’ rather than just the minimum standard. Council’s free Sustainable Design Assessment will be carried out against the 10 Key Sustainable Building categories below. Please follow the links for more information about each of these categories.

1.0 Indoor Environment Quality

2.0 Energy Efficiency

2.1 Sun-shading

3.0 Water Efficiency

4.0 Stormwater Management

4.1 Site Permeability

5.0 Building Materials

6.0 Transport

7.0 Waste Management

8.0 Urban Ecology

8.1 Green Roofs, Walls and Facades

9.0 Innovation

10.0 Construction and Building Management

For more information about Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) and the 10 Key Sustainable Building Categories see the SDAPP Explained fact sheet, as well as the SDAPP ESD Tools explained fact sheet.

The City also has a free Sustainable Design Assessment template available for use to consider your proposal against industry recognised key environmental standards

Sustainable design resources

> Sustainable Design quick guide a one page 'cheat sheet' of passive solar design principles

Your home website an excellent resource for understanding ESD concepts and practice.

Sustainability Victoria information about current rebates, saving water and energy and reducing waste.

Australian Greenhouse Calculator an online software tool to understand how your lifestyle choices contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Alternative Technology Association provides practical sustainability advice for households and communities. Discuss you project and get technical advice from other members in the online forums.

We're always looking for new case studies. If you would like your development featured on our website then get in contact with our Environmental Sustainable Design Officer on 4408 6533 or email [email protected]