Events, education and volunteer groups

Girl Drawing Animals at Tree Planting Event

Get involved in a volunteer group to support your local community and environment. We can help identify groups that may be working on projects of interest to you.    

We also support many community groups involved in environmental projects, including:

Environment and sustainability events

Each year the City hosts and supports a number of environmental events. Check our calendar of events.

National Tree Day

We provide a site and resources for National Tree Day, which is held on the last Sunday in July each year. 

Clean Up Australia Day

We support a number of sites for Clean Up Australia Day, which is held each year on the first Sunday in March.

Sustainability events

We support many sustainability events organised by the Bendigo Sustainability Group, including the Bendigo Sustainability Awards, Sustainable House Day and Sustainability Festival.   

Summer in the Parks

Conducted over the summer period, our Summer in the Parks evening spotlight walks have proven to be extremely popular. Keep an eye out for our next Summer in the Parks environmental activity.  

Environmental education

We are also able to provide assistance with environmental education programs by assisting with the delivery of certain activities such as in class activities, presentations to clubs and organisations, tree planting activities and specialised advice.

We support the Field Naturalist Club, which holds regular educational and community events in Greater Bendigo National Park to investigate points of interest and try bush tucker.

Contact us

For more information about environment and sustainability please contact us on 1300 002 642.