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Chinese Precinct and Cyclists

How we travel has a big impact on the local environment and our wellbeing. Instead of getting in the car, try public transport, carpooling, walking or cycling.

The City has developed the Connecting Greater Bendigo: Integrated Transport & Land Use Strategy in consultation with the community to plan for how the city will grow and how people and goods will move within it in the future. Go to the Connecting Greater Bendigo: Integrated Transport & Land Use Strategy.


Cycling benefits the environment, is great for your health and a good way to get around Bendigo and surrounds. Follow a trail, ride to work, or enjoy a recreational ride with family or friends. Join a cycling club or group that promote cycling in the area that holds regular rides and other social events.

Walking and hiking

Walking and hiking is a great way to take in the natural environment and historical attractions Bendigo has to offer. There are many trails that are clearly marked and easy to navigate on your own. Discover one of the many trails independently or join a local outdoor or hiking group and make some new friends along the way. Go to Walk or Ride a Trail.

Public transport and carpooling

Save money and the local environment and take the bus. Bendigo’s public bus network connects most locations in the immediate area and it is a safe, cheap and eco-friendly alternative to regular car travel.

Carpooling can be a great way to minimise car use and save you money. If you live near colleagues or friends who have similar commuting habits, carpooling can be a social way to reduce car dependency. Regular V/Line train services run to and from Melbourne daily. For timetables go to the Public Transport Victoria website.

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