Sustainable food

Girl Eating Watermelon in Rosalind Park

There is much we can do to ensure that the foods we eat are grown, transported, sold and consumed in a sustainable way.

Long transport distances and intensive farming techniques can be especially harmful to the environment.

There are plenty of opportunities to become involved in sustainable food systems with a number of local community food gardens, regular community farmers markets and many food events.

Community food gardens

At community gardens you can make friends and learn from others about growing your own food. Local community gardens that are open to the public include:

Check the Cultivating Community website for general information before getting started.  

Local produce and farmers’ markets

Buying seasonal produce locally supports local businesses and keeps profits in the community. It also minimises the environmental impact of long transport distances and is fresher, healthier and tastier.

There are many high quality local producers in the region who offer their produce at farmers’ markets, food stores and restaurants who support the local and regional food industry. 

You can find local produce at:

Grow your own

Growing at home is fun for the family, saves money and helps the environment. Guides and educational resources to assist you to grow your own food at home and share with others include:

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